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Working with international Schools and Museums of children's Art

The Parental Conversations project is working across a number of International Art Schools, the rationale for this being, that smaller communities of discourse can be nurtured and distinct ethos in approach established for example:

Villa Arttu is a cultural centre for children and young people. In Villa Arttu, there are three different organizations: Art Centre for Children and Young People, Hyvinkää City Art School for Children and Young People and Helmi School for Crafts and Design. Villa Arttu's friends is a group of adults who intend to find ways in which parents can become involved in the activities run by the cultural centre through collaborative workshops and events

For 'Villa Arttu' the project 'Parental Conversations' offers a perfect demonstration of how creatvity can bring parent and child together. The vitual exhibition will bring further evidence of how rich and diverse such collaborative practice can be.

Samara Language School in Russia fosters creative approaches to learning English employing theatre and visual arts. Founder Elina Khait is currentl completing her Phd examining Modern Children's literature specifically Julia Donaldson in respect of folklore, the absurd and postmodernism. 


Parental conversations can provide a dynamic way in which to learn language through image and text

Tania Monclova is in the process of setting up a Galeria school in Puerto Rico, Building on the workshops she currently supplies and her own artistic practice the school will provide more continous opportunity.


Parental conversations can provide a springboard to publicise the rich dialogue of arts practice specifically fthe potential of community-based, social activities.

Each Museum or School has been given 6 books

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