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The exhibition intended for Penarth Pier early 2016 will be an exploration of creativity through the minds of children, children from around the world. The main exhibit will consist of multiple conversations conducted through drawing between parents, grandparents with their children. These ‘conversations’ will be part of a research project examining drawings facility as a discursive and problem solving tool.  


Drawing is an externalization thought just like word and the relationship between drawing and language is an intriguing one. A young child perceives no real priority between the two but as language takes hold, drawing comes to perform another function, allowing a more private and flexible space in which to test out thoughts and feelings. It can be a magical, surreal space full of interrupted and incomplete possibilities as the mind is transported from one reality to another; from the reality of the surrounding world to the more suggestible world of the drawn image.


It is interesting to think that the complexity of creative thinking that can take artists years to channel and control can be found in the activity of children drawing. This mental flexibility, this precursor to invention, is an integral part of us all; we simply have to relearn what came so naturally to us when we first began to respond to the world.


Through collaboration with parents and grandparents, a series of concertina books will be completed each demonstrating different framework through which a mutual exploration of ideas and the surrounding world can take place. The concertina books will be joined by a number of other explorations of children’s creativity ranging from film, ceramic artwork to workshops employing drama / drawing techniques.


The books will also be exhibited virtually on a number of Museums of Children's art sites including Samara, Russia and a selection exhibited at a number of international venues TBC.


Russia - Samara City childrens art museum

Finland - and

Prague -

Cardiff -


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