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Short Presentation of ideas for 'Fireworks Now' Symposium Aberystwyth University

I needed to put together a presentation for the 'Fireworks: Now' symposium at Aberystwyth University. ‘Fireworks’ is the name of my studios and the symposium was attempting to gather debate around the role of studios as communities of creative practice, a supportive alternative to apprentice schemes often with tremendously diverse work taking place within them. I was asked to speak about my current practice which has most recently involved setting up the 'Parental Conversations' project. The project however, is also part of a larger engagement exploring the mechanisms of creative thinking, specifically the capacity of children and ways in which we might learn from them. This presentation explores the theme just a little further (it was only a twenty minute presentation) and explains where else the research could go - currently toward an exhibition of artists exploring the curious world of children at Llantarnam grange 2017.

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