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Walking and Drawing: Beverley Hicks and Phoebe

Beverley Hicks is an artist whose paintings often reflect phases in her life, mirroring her experiences and memories. Her aim is to create a specific atmosphere, predominantly through tactile paint application, the careful balancing of composition and the delicate juxtaposition of colours, shapes, symbols, and texts.

Here is her approach for 'Drawing in Conversation'

I will work in collaboration with my 12 year old daughter Phoebe.

We live next to a river and yesterday was a really hot day, so Phoebe and I decided to see how far we could walk through the river before turning back home. We had never gone so far before and it proved to be, not only fun, but the perfect platform, opportunity to finalise and discuss what we would both like to focus on for our 'Drawing in Conversation' sketchbook.

We decided that our emphasis would be on our environment, and that we would not limit this theme, so it could include people, flora, fauna, objects and also our memories. We liked the idea that the notion of a conversation has to include the concept of being able to evolve organically in different directions, and we feel that the content of the sketchbook should echo this premise.

On our long walk, which was only curtailed by the cow and her calf 50m in front of us; both of us knew the cow would defend her offspring, so it was the point to turn back for home. Before we turned back we had discussed how drawing is not limited to the pencil, and decided we would explore different drawing techniques and approaches. We are both excited by the prospect of working together on this and exploring and developing ideas through conversation and drawing.

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