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The Fictional and the Real: Tom and Daisy

Tom Hacket is an artist who most recently has been concerned with an enquiry into the balance between ourselves and our placement through systems of language, translation regulation, and social grouping. He is particularly interested in how we use classification and taxonomy as a proxy for knowledge. Her utilises playful strategies to consider the expectations placed on the visual arts as a vehicle to locate meaning and knowledge for the viewer. He is currently interested in exploring the use of the decorative and of colour as primary encounter points to generate projects which present open questions rather than function as the illustration of ideas or theory.

From the wonderful Tom Hackett and Daisy. Tom began a little earlier than most in order to explore the changing seasons with his daugher. His short mobile video captures quite how engaging this project can be. i'm hoping we can use film in this way in addition to anything scanned as it pulls dialogue and imagery together:

Tom and Daisy's book evidences a beautiful exploration of visual literacy he writes:

"It has been interesting entering into a uncharted waters. Which is why the project you set up is of real value, as while every parent collaborates with their children by default of the job in hand, to do so within a 'deliberate' partnership structure is altogether different and presents some curious realignments of role and hierarchy, taking you into a different creative space. A lovely by product is that Daisy is drawing more than ever and expressing a significant sense of intention in terms of creative decision making."

Tom Hackett Daisy sketchbook 1-1.JPG
Tom Hackett Daisy sketchbook 2.JPG
Tom Hackett Daisy sketchbook 3.JPG
Tom Hackett Daisy sketchbook 4.JPG
Tom Hackett Daisy sketchbook 5.JPG
Tom Hackett Daisy sketchbook 6.JPG

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